Event Presentation

During three days in June, 23-25.6.2017, the City of Vaasa, on the finnish westcoast, will again be hosting international athletics on a toplevel.

The best athletes from tvelve European countries will be competing in the European Team Championships, 1st League. The City of Vaasa has twice, in 2001 and 2007, been the hostcity for the European Cup that was the predecessor for the Team Championship. On both occasions both the audience and the athletes were very happy and content about the experience. The results were generally on a very high level and the competitions on the track and the field were thrilling and interesting.

The stadium records for the arena, Karl´s Stadium, show the unquestionable fact that the tracks are fast and that athletes can perform at their highest level. This means that the midsummer of 2017 can, and will, be the place for topathletics. Also the audience that really knows the sport and enjoys good achievments can look forward to an interesting weekend.

We are also happy to inform you that Finland in 2017 will celebrate its 100 years of independence after first 600 years as a part of Sweden and then 100 years as a part of Russia. Vaasa has the pleasure of welcoming eleven nations, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerlandand and Turkey to fight for their country. The twelfth nation is of course the host, Finland.