Mehiläinen focuses on sports, wellness and Team-Championships EM


Health Care Company Mehiläinen makes a deal with European Athletics Team Championships

Our decision to make an agreement with the European Athletics Team Championships in Vaasa is an obvious consequence of our efforts to work and be involved with sports on all levels. For this purpose the event in Vaasa, which will take place during the Midsummer weekend is just a perfect fit for us, says Kent Söderlund, Director of the Vaasa unit, Mehiläinen.

Mr.  Söderlund  is pleased with the cooperation and the opportunity to sign a contract with the local organisation committee.

Mehiläinen is one of the biggest companies in the field of health care in Finland and just a few months ago the unit in Vaasa opened a sports and rehabilitation clinic.

  • For us the timing is perfect having the new clinic and having an athletics competition on European top level in Vaasa. We want to reach all levels of sports and physical activities. For us it makes no difference if we are talking about sports on  international top level, people who want to take part in the worlds biggest orienteering event, the Jukola relay, or a group of friends playing badminton for fun.
  • We have since many years back cooperated  with top athletes of the local ice-hockey club Vaasa Sport and the   football club VPS, both playing in the highest national league in Finland. We also have worked with many top athletes in many individual sports, says Kenth Söderlund. However, we also work with company health care and here we also want to offer the best possible health care availalbe. Exactly in the same way as we want to treat athletes in the best way.
    The fact that Mehiläinen will work with top athletes is a strong reference for the future.
  • We naturally don’t know what kind of injuries or problems the athletes, who will be competing in Vaasa  during Midsummer will present to us, but we are certainly ready to do our outmost to help them.
    According to the cooperation agreement Mehiläinen will offer its services to all athletes that need healthcare during their stay in Vaasa.
    The agreement is also important for the organisers of the competition since it is a requirement that healthcare can be offered when needed. Having Mehiläinen onboard this part will be very well covered.
    Mr  Söderlund says that there are many similarities between sports and company medicine or other possible healthe care. Confidence is one of the keywords in health care. It goes without saying that this is also the case for Mehiläinen during the European Team Championships.
  • And there are no short cuts. Every athlete, every person and every injury is unic. This is something we just have to be aware of in our job. Whether we talk about top athletes or ordinary people.
  • An athlete is just like an employee. They all want to be back in the game again, the sooner the better. The coach or the employer has the same need. They want her/him to get well again as soon as possible, and that they are treated professionally and can stay healthy.

Mehiläinen is a health care company founded in 1909. Today Mehiläinen has 11 500 employees, specialists in all branches of medical and social care. The company has 290 clinics and 11 hospitals in all parts of Finland.

The newest business unit is the sports and rehabilitation clinic in Vaasa that now also is a part of the European Team Championships, First League in Vaasa 23-25.6.2017.

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Mehiläinen focuses on sports, wellness and Team-Championships EM
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