The arrangements are already underway


 The European Athletics Team Championships is the third equivalent competition arranged in Vaasa. The city has previously hosted the European Cup, as the competition was called earlier, in 2001 and 2007.

 - A lot of things have changed since 2001. Now we have carefully planned dramaturgy so that the audience will be able to follow the best moments one by one. There will be no top achievements happening simultaneously", says Ingemar Sundelin, Chairman of Local Organising Committee.

 - You can also find some news in the competition rules, such as the sprint and hurdles trial heats will happen on Friday (23rd June). Another new element is that the European Athletics (EA) association wanted that the 1st League is arranged in the same way as the Super League. EA will, among other things, bring their own system for result service.

In the Team European Championships men and women compete in one common team. The top three teams from the competition in Vaasa will rise to compete next time in the Super League. There will be an exciting competition between the Nordic countries when Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark will meet at Karl's Stadium in Vaasa. In addition also the teams from Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Portugal, Rumania, Switzerland, Turkey and Estonia will compete. The arrangements are organized by the local sports club Vasa IS. According to Sundelin all the local sports clubs have been invited to take part in the arrangements. During the days of the competition the arranging organisation will consist of about 450 people.
 More information about accommodation and other events in Vaasa and the surrounding region can be found on the co-workers Visit Vaasa's homepage.

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The Local Organization Committee want to thank all athletes and all team officials for participating in the Championships. Thanks also to all volunteers for the work and to the collaboration...
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Purola ran Finnish national record
Today the European Team Championships opened in Vaasa and already on the first day we had the pleasure to witness a new Finnish national record. Samuel Purola continues to impress. Again...
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A message to the Teams about the opening height for the Men´s High Jump
Further to a written request the Men's High Jump will now open with 1.95. It will continue then to 2.00 and proceed as communicated already. The other vertical jump progressions...
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Washing the track
It is now less than three weeks to the competition and this can be seen both on the arena and outside it. One of the important and visible things that...
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Mehiläinen focuses on sports, wellness and Team-Championships EM
Health Care Company Mehiläinen makes a deal with European Athletics Team Championships Our decision to make an agreement with the European Athletics Team Championships in Vaasa is an obvious consequence of...
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Finland 100
The year 2017 will mark Finland’s 100th anniversary as an independent state. It will be an important year for Finland full of events created through joint efforts. The anniversary year will...
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The arrangements are already underway
 The European Athletics Team Championships is the third equivalent competition arranged in Vaasa. The city has previously hosted the European Cup, as the competition was called earlier, in 2001 and...
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Victory for Finland in the Nordic Indoor Match
During the weekend the Nordic Countries were competing in the exciting Nordic Indoor Match in Tampere, Finland The Finnish men clearly won over Sweden and Norway, while the Swedish female team...
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Homepage opened
Finally it is time to open the homepages for the European Athletics Teamchampionships in Vaasa, Finland. The pages are made according to the standards made by the European Athletics, and the...
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Karls' Stadium
Benefits for athletics in Vaasa The City of Vaasa is happy to welcome all athletes and all team members to Vaasa in June. In order to make the European Athletics Team...
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Ticketsales has started
The new year, which is also the year when Finland is celebrating its 100 years as an indipendent nation, has started. From the beginning of the year the tickets for...
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