Training venue

Mustasaari Central Field in Vaasas neighbouring rural district, Mustasaari will have an important function for the Teams Championship in Athletics incoming Midsummer.

Almost all the training that participating athletes need during the week before the competition will take place on Mustasaari Central Sport Field in Sepänkylä. Only hammer throw and pole vault training are arranged on the racetrack and Karls’ Stadium in Vaasa. Also the impressive Botniahall will be used for training.

Training Venue
Training venue and Botniahall

Botnia hall is located in Mustasaari, around 5 minutes from Vaasa city center by car. Botnia hall’s combined surface area makes it Finland’s largest unified athletics, ball game and multi-purpose arena.
The 16 000-square meter hall includes four 400 meter tracks with a mondo surface, which are the only ones in Finland located inside an arena. There is also a badminton pitch, a full-size floorball field, a performance place for jumping and throwing and a full-size turf (64x100m) inside the arena.
Botnia hall offers a unique training and competition environment for all athletic sports, floorball, soccer, baseball, futsal, roller skiing, wheelchair racing, gymnastics and archery. If needed, tournaments and competitions are held in other sports too.
There is a firm grandstand and a movable telescopic grandstand for 360 people.   
Next to the arena you can find a heated turf (64x102m), a natural soccer field, athletics field and a fitness track with equipment for training.
There are 12 dressing rooms, a sauna, two gyms, various facilities for group sports and meetings, and a café and a restaurant (must be booked in advance) for the athletes to use